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TriPAR Video Footage

Sonny taking video at the infamous "Graveyard X"
Video cameras have emerged as the most used medium in paranormal investigations. Pioneers such as Bob Schott (Adventures Beyond), who sent his footage to an independant company specializing in infra-red technology for authenticity, and Michael Lynch (ParaVision), who has been documenting entities in (IR) before it was even accepted have lead the way for quite some time. With the availability of infra-red technology and knowledge of its usefulness in this field, it is no wonder more and more people use it.

These are short video clips taken on our investigations. They have been sent to independant specialists in infrared technology for authenticity. Their results will be posted soon!

Miners Theatre Footage

This series of shots are taken from infra-red video footage at Miners Theatre. Watch as the entity flies right past the camera from behind the chair!

Miner's Theatre - 3rd Floor Clip 675kb

Miner's Theatre - 3rd Floor Clip 2 371kb

We've done it!

In hopes to prove that orbs on video emit an electromagnetic field (EMF). We have succeeded! We will continue to conduct these tests to further understand this phenomena.

The leads are to the right of the light. The meter read 1.3mV one second later since there is a one second delay between the time in which a reading occurs and which the same reading is displayed.

Meter Clip - 855kb

This is Dust

To ensure you that what you see in our video footage (above) is NOT dust we have included what dust looks like on camera. This shot was taken by Lesley. Investigators were walking above her on the second floor causing dust to fall from the ceiling. This clip will take approximately 4 minutes to load, but well worth seeing! After viewing the video read below the link.

Mcpike Mansion - Dust Clip 953kb

Notice that all the large dust particles were falling down and in great quantities. Also, the speed of the dust particles were about the same and quite visible to the naked eye.