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TRIPAR - Updates

  • New Updates Page!(11.5.00)
  • More Links Added (11.4.00)
    'Theories' and 'Articles' page
  • Area Representatives Page is Added(11.4.00)
  • New Buttons Added(11.4.00)
  • TriPAR Members Sighted on Fox. Aired Oct. 28th!(10.28.00)
    TriPAR member Sonny Aaron and Lesley P. was sighted on Fox's 'Worlds Scariest Ghosts'. Sonny and Lesley along with co-researcher from SPA Paranomal Investigations investigates the mysterious 'mist'. Renee Horath's footage was used on the show. Renee is a ghost-hunter and professor at a university in Philidelphia.
  • Anomalous Activity During Radio Broadcast!(10.29.00)
    There were mysterious flashes of light corresponding to readings our sensors picked in the cellar at the McPike Mansion Campout Oct. 29, 2000! Activity also witnessed by WLCA radio. The cellar was unusually warm (62 degree F). Motion was sensed outside the cellar by a member and a radio tech. The thermal scanner read 86 degrees where the peripheral motion was sensed. Reading were scanned twice both in the 80's before it was "normally" scanned at 56 degrees F. More activity including anomalous sounds will be described in more detail as we gather the data and process it to information.
  • Area Representatives Wanted!(10.15.00)
    Interested in becoming a TriPAR Area Representative? We are looking for dedicated people to represent us in other locations. Email us with the subject line "Area Rep".
  • New Research Project Underway!(10.15.00)
    We are upgrading and developing new equipment. We have developed a system to record paranormal activity. We are documenting our findings (graphs, datalogs) and, with the owner's permission, we will post our findings for your viewing.
  • Tag-Along Investigations!(10.15.00)
    We are offering the chance for ghost enthusiasts to join us in an investigation. In cooperation with McPike Mansion - Alton, IL. and Miner's Theatre - Collinsville, IL, we will let you observe us in action! Coming soon!!!! We hope teach people proper techniques on how data should be recorded in hopes to increase the amount of "accurate" information and decrease the errors and "mis-information". Those who are interested, please sign up by emailing us.
  • Show Us Your Most Haunted!(10.3.00)
    We want to investigate the most haunted places in America! If you think you own America's most haunted location send us an email with the subject titled, "Show Us Your Most Haunted!"



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