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TriPAR Area Representatives Section

TriPAR Area Representatives Section (Members Only)

Our goal is to collect data that will lead to a better understanding of paranormal phenomena, specifically - "Ghost Phenomena". In the process of pursuing this goal, we will also assist individuals who are having trouble dealing with, or understanding this phenomena. We do this by educating them on the nature of what is causing the problem at hand, whether it is of natural or of other causes. In doing so we also give them a better understanding of how to deal with, and/or accept the circumstances. We will also assist people who feel that they can not continue to live in these circumstances by contacting professionals who will be of assistance in dealing with their experience. With the help of TriPAR Area Representatives, we can all better understand the nature of these events at a faster pace as well as help and educate others with the knowledge we and other dedicated researchers have gained.

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Joining the Quest

Are you interested in becoming a TriPAR Area Representative? Our representatives will use our protocol during the processes of investigations and conduct themselves with a high standard of professionalism. Area Representatives are dedicated in their pursuit to gain knowledge to better understand "ghost phenomena".

Type "Area Rep" in the subject line
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