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About TriPAR

Paranormal Activity Research

TriPAR is a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping indivduals who believe that they may be the subject of a haunting in their home or other location.   It is the purpose of TriPAR to verify if a haunting is indeed occurring or if some other physical or psychological reason can be found for the experienced phenomena.

TriPAR Mission Statement

Who is TriPAR

Sonny is getting baseline readings of microwave, magnetic and electrical fields. He makes sure every recording device runs smooth and accurate. Sonny Aaron - Team Leader:

Sonny has a background including;  philosophy, psychology, and religion, as well as, physics and computer electronics. He is finishing his Associates in Science to persue a Bachelor's in Management Information Systems.   Sonny is an integral part of  the design team for TriPAR.  He co- founded SPA Investigations, an affiliate to ParaVisions before coming to TriPAR. 

Shelly Hayden - Team Leader:

Shelly also has some impressive studies in the sciences; radiographic  biology, and psychology.   Shelly is also a certifiied photographic consultant and is working toward her degree in speech communication.  Shelly started studying paranormal activity 10 years ago and is the Southwestern IL Representative for the American Ghost Society.

Shelly watches the laptop for possible EM or microwave fluctuations. Shelly is superior at debunking flawed photos and is a credit to TriPAR's integrity.

James' expertise in housing structures gives TriPAR an incentive in finding faults within the home that may be causing paranormal events. James Pinkston - Team Leader:

James has extensive study in the occult and he is a experienced structural contractor. James also holds a degree in criminal justice, and he has been studying the paranormal for 12 years.

The Team

Brian Hayden - Command Center:

Brian has an extensive background in photography and computer technology, so he makes the perfect command center coordinator.

Lesley P. - Field Investigator:

Lesley also has a good science background, and has had many paranormal experiences herself. Lesley has taken many of the photos you will see on the site.

shmarc.jpg (8595 bytes) Marcie M. - Field Investigator:

Marcie also has a very good portfolio of ghost pictures.

Jeff Eye - Field Investigator:

Jeff has experienced a wealth of paranormal activity. He takes care of the EMF sweeps, video and photography.

shejef.jpg (8633 bytes)

Jeff Guillot - Field Investigator: Jeff is a Computer Network Analyst for a large communications company.  Jeff takes care of field documentation and is also a member of the TriPAR design team.