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TriPAR Anomalous Photo Gallery

Anomalous photos are rare. As we become more and more experienced the frequency of ghost photos will go up. We take about 232 photos per investigation so we have, collectively, well over 10,000 photographs in all! The pictures below are ghost photos that have passsed our strict protocol. We are confident that these photos are in fact unique.

Cahokia Mounds Vortex.jpg (15913 bytes) McPike Vortex (14962 bytes)
This photo was taken by Sonny at Monk's Mound located on the grounds of Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville IL. The type of camera used was a 35mm point-and-shoot with 400 ASA film. This photo was taken by Lesley. Taken at the McPike Mansion in Alton, IL. She used a point-and-shoot 35mm camera with 400 ASA film. Since her protocol at the time of the shot also states "no camera straps", this could not be explained as that. Notice also the fading at the end.
Oddfellows Mist (20271 bytes) Salem Witch Trials (20271 bytes)
This impressive photo was taken by Lesley at Oddfellows Cemetary in Granite City, IL. Using the last few pictures she had left she decided to use them at the cemetary. She is glad she did! This photo was taken by James Pinkston at the Salem, Mass. He uses a 35mm advantix camera with 400ASA film. photographing the re-enactment of the infamous Salem Witch Trials this is what he got. Notice the inner matrix.


The following photos were taken by Lesley, during the Historic Miners Theatre investigation:  They were all taken using  400ASA film in a point and shoot 35mm camera.


shealf.jpg (20271 bytes) sheorb.jpg (15455 bytes)
This photo was taken in the balcony, notice the double orb! This photo was also taken from the balcony, this same orb appears in several photos. Also notice orb in motion on the right.
sheob1.jpg (15913 bytes) sheal2.jpg (14962 bytes)
The same orb appears here in this photo taken from the floor of the auditiorium. Look, it's the double orb again!

The following photos were taken during the second Miners Theatre Investigation: Taken by Shelly utilizing the Sony Mavica digital technology, numerous photos taken that night were ruled out due to obvious reflections.

shbat1.jpg (16555 bytes) shbat2.jpg (15401 bytes)
These two photos were taken "one right after the other" and as you can see, the same orb appears in both photos.  In the first photo the anomaly appears in front of the door way, in this photo it is located at the bottom of the fram.
shbat4.jpg (14380 bytes) shsen2.jpg (10527 bytes)
In this photo the appearant same orb is located once again at the bottom of the frame. This photo was taken in the main auditorium just as our Infra-Red motion sensor was tripped.  Note the large orb near the edge of the stage.   The sensor was located just right of the edge of the photo.


shaud4.jpg (11037 bytes) shaud8.jpg (9563 bytes)
As you recall during the first investgation alot of activity was recorded by Lesley on her camera in the main auditorium, the second investigation was no exception. This photo was taken when a member of the team reported a shadow moving right to left in the back of the auditorium,
shau10.jpg (9141 bytes) shau11.jpg (10998 bytes)
Each of the photos of the auditorium were taken in very close proximity in relation to time.  And by these photos we can see these particular anomalies have depth, motion and density.  By the way this one set off the Infra-Red sensor as well.
shau12.jpg (10269 bytes) This photo in particular was recorded as there was a temperature fluctuation of -10degrees in the back of the auditorium, Sonny is using the Infra-Red Video system to attempt to capture the anomaly on video tape.  The anomaly was not present when Sonny was in postion to begin recording.

Grave Yard X

TriPAR took a field trip to the infamous Grave Yard X. Folks in this area say that this cemetary is full of paranormal activity. The name is popular because of the show "Adventures Beyond", but the location is kept secret. We will also keep it's location a secret. Trying out our new DMM for capturing natural DC fluctuations, we decided to take some pics.

Grave Yard X (20271 bytes) Grave Yard X (20271 bytes)
Although we did not get any spikes on the DMM, Lesley caught this on with her point-and-shoot 35mm camera. It is close to her and in motion! Here's picture of another orb that was following us around. Lesley took this on. Notice the top orb. It is not round. Does this prove that an orb IS a three dimensional being? The flash seems to cover three-fourths of it like the sun does the moon. Be assured this is not the moon as you will see in the errors photos!
Grave Yard X (20271 bytes) Grave Yard X (20271 bytes)
Another orb shot taken by Lesley. This one is faint but it is there! (Right of the grave stone) This photo was taken by Marcie. She also uses a point and shoot 35mm camera with 400 ASA film. No fog was present during this time!