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TRIPAR - Links

Here are a list of links to other site dealing with the paranormal. The websites are those of their owners, thus we are not responsible for any content on these pages.

If you are interested in being linked please email Sonny, Co-Team Leader and Webmaster at

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The MESA Project
Pioneers of the first ever computer-aided multi-sensory system.

Eastern Illinois Society for Paranormal Research
Investigating paranormal activity in Eastern Illinois and Indiana. Affiliated with TRIPAR.

Searchers for Paranormal Activity
Investigating paranormal activity in the St. Louis area. Affiliated with Paravision. 

Ghost Research Society
The official site of Dale Kaczmarek who have appeared in many television shows dealing with the paranormal.

Paranormal World
Official website of Paravision. Pioneers of the "orb theory". Conducting investigations around the U.S. 

Spirit Searchers Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Investigative team hailing from New Jersey.

The Ghost Hunters Society
Dedicated research team scientifically investigating claims of paranormal activity.

The Ghosts of Ohio Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society
Paranormal help and research.

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American Ghost Society
Website of author Troy Taylor and president of the American Ghost Society.

Fox Cities Ghost Hunters
Ghost-hunters from Wisconsin

A gathering for ghost believers with ghost stories, ghost-hunting, and some ghost research.

New York Ghost Chapter
Dedicated to prove the existence of life after death.

International Ghost Hunters Society
Website of Dave and Sharon Oester

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Art Bell Radio Show
Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

Sightings with Jeff Rense
Coast to coast paranormal talk radio.

TRIAGE Entertainment
The have produced television shows for Fox Family, The History Channel, etc.

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Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena.

The Rhine Institute
The Center is successor to the Duke University Parapsychology Laboratory and carries forward that famed laboratory's research mission and educational programs.

Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
The laboratory is a center for interdisciplinary research devoted to understanding a wide range of human experience.

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Journal of Scientific Exploration
The primary goal of the international Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science.

The Shadowlands:Ghosts and Hauntings
The paranormal website of Dave Juliano. A website Encompassing various aspects of ghost phenomena.

Paraweb Search Engine
Search for everything paranormal at this site. Paranormal Search Engine
If it is paranormal you seek - visit paraseek.

Photo 55
Professional photo developing business. Owners Brian and Shelly Hayden are "The American Ghost Society's" authority on authentic ghost photographs and members of the TRIPAR team.

Ex-Tech Detection Devices/EMF Meters
TRIPAR has purchased equipment from this company.

Radio Shack
TRIPAR's favorite store for purchasing various components to build our equipment.

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