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TRIPAR - Lectures

TRIPAR will be giving lectures throughout the year for those interested in "ghost-phenomena". These lectures come in two varieties.

The closed lectures consist of a small group. Groups interested in having TRIPAR lecture may contact us via email. The topics will include many topics covering aspects of this phenomena and the approaches that we and other reputable paranormal investigators make.

The second type of lecture is a workshop. As the title implies, this is a more hands-on event. We will designate a location and offer the general public to attend. We will make efforts to include other guest speakers in hope to have a well-diversed and well-rounded event. Please visit our website or email Sonny, Co-Team Leader and Webmaster at

MAY 2001


LOCATION: The Historic Miner's Theatre, Collinsville, IL.


TOPICS: Paranormal Investigations, Examining Photographic Evidence. More TBA!


FEATURED SPEAKER(S): Troy Taylor, author and president of the American Ghost Society.


TRIPAR Lectures

Please contact us if you are interested in having TRIPAR members talk to your group.



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