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Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the phenomena that occurs when strange voices or sounds are recorded on audio tape during an investigation that are unexplainable.   TriPAR is  currently conducting experiments on this once controversial topic.   To some, the topic is STILL considered controversial, although with TriPAR's strict protocol, we rule out any explainable causes for the phenomena listed on this page.  We do not claim these voices or sounds to be from the grave, but they ARE being analyzed by professionals in the recording and audio industry.  We will post the results as soon as we have them.  Until then, you decide!


Miners Theatre Investigation EVP's

A list of all the team members present is below, and next to each team members name is the frequency at which their voice occurs.  Next to each EVP file is the frequency at which it occured as well.  Some of the files we feel are very obvious at what they say...and others are very faint or not understandable but there is something there, we would like you to tell us what you hear.  Please sign the guest book and tell us what you think.  (Please reference each file to its corresponding number)

Sonny - 483.46Hz

Jeff Eye - 488.11Hz

James - 486.94Hz

Shelly - 458.11Hz

Brian - 447.76Hz

Donna 446.62Hz (over two way radio)

This Page is still currently under construction...please pardon our mess and keep checking back!