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TRIPAR - Equipment

James with "Trident" IR video cameraTo better understand "ghost-phenomena" we must study the various types of activity associated with it. We cannot simply say that is it paranormal or supernatural. Society still views it in this way. This is why we call ourselves paranormal researchers even though we know that what we study is not paranormal at all!

To call something paranormal means that it is against nature - the way things work in our world. But, that explanation is very short-sighted. Everything that exists MUST obey the rules of our reality.

Just as Pasteur discovered bacteria and Newton discovered an understanding of earth's gravity, researchers such as ourselves strive to discover and understand things sometimes our senses cannot detect. There is an answer for everything. We just have to find it.

The equipment we use senses, measures and detects things that are not usually visible to the naked eye, or heard with the most sensitive of hearing.

These machines cannot think for their own thus making them un-biased to what it senses.

Photo (above) taken by Erich Kassler of the Alton Telegraph

Still Photography Cameras

Means to document and obtain potentially useful evidence of ghost-phenomena.

Thermal-Sensing Equipment

Detecting sudden changes in the atmosphere.

Electromagnetic Field Meters

Used to establish areas with high EMF reading which may give other sensors false readings.

Geo-sensing Equipment

Measuring movement in a given area.

ELF Audio Sensing System

Audio recording system that detects and records sound well below our level of hearing and speaking.

Advanced Equipment

ARDI - Atmosphere-Responsive Data-Logging Interface

Simultaneously records 7 types of atmospheric data and movement. Used mainly toward the experimental phase of TRIPAR investigations in conjunction with an infra-red camera to document and correlate different types of data.

Designer: James Pinkston

Co-Designers: Sonny Aaron and Jeff Guillot

Trident Cameras

High powered infra-red cameras used in documenting specifically "seemingly intelligent floating balls of light" commonly called "orbs". These "orbs" are three dimensional balls of light that carry an electro-magnetic charge. These entities are believed to be ghosts. However, only ongoing research can bring us closer to a better understanding of what they may be.

Designer: James Pinkston

Co-Designers: Sonny Aaron and Jeff Guillot




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