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TRIPAR - Protocol

Here are some links we find interesting. Keep in mind that these ideas are that of their owner, hense they do not necessarily reflect the views of TRIPAR. Please contact TRIPAR to report any dead-end links on this page. We will be frequently making a list of links containing interesting articles that are relevant to elements in paranormal phenomena. What do professors, collegiate writers, psychologists others have to say? We are listening.

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Donald E. O'Hair, Ph.D.

What is a Ghost?
Tamara Zyganiuk, Director CSPI

Midnight Watch - (Article on Ghost Phenomena)
Andy Coghlan

Sleep Paralysis
J. A. Cheyne
Department of Psychology University of Waterloo

Anomalies in the History of Relativity
Ian McCausland

Either/Or: Spiritualism and the Roots of Paranormal Science (Part I)
James E. Beichler

Either/Or: Spiritualism and the Roots of Paranormal Science (Part II)
James E. Beichler

Digital Cameras - Ghost-Hunting at It's Worst
Troy Taylor, American Ghost Society

Digital At Its Best
Dave Oester, International Ghost-Hunters Society



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